Ecolabelling Denmark

Matas continuously cooperates with Eco-labelling Denmark to disseminate knowledge and promote the use of products bearing the Nordic Swan Eco-label and European Eco-label. Matas is represented on the Danish Eco-labelling Board, and with approximately 130 of its own products bearing the Nordic Swan Eco-label, Matas is the Danish retail chain which offers the most Swan-labelled items among its own products. Read more about Matas's Swan-labelled products under the menu item "Eco-labelled products".

Ecolabelling Denmark was set up by the Danish Ministry of the Environment, and is responsible for the administration of the European Eco-label and Nordic Swan Eco-label in Denmark. At the same time, Eco-labelling Denmark functions as an independent control body in relation to the labels. Eco-labelling Denmark is an independent unit at Danish Standards.

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