Employee Competencies

Over the financial year, the Group has continued its efforts to be a good, attractive workplace that focuses on its employees’ competencies. This is why we continually invest in providing a structured training programme for all Matas’ full-time shop staff.

Matas is the only retail chain that gives its staff drugstore training, and about 80% of the chain’s employees are either in training or already trained. The two-year training programme consists of a trainee placement in one of Matas’ own shops and a training course comprising four modules, correspondence courses, courses in over-the-counter medicine as well as a technical test. Subsequently, trained staff have the opportunity to specialise.

Shop managers receive further training in management, coaching, operations and accounting to provide them with the necessary tools to manage the daily shop operations. Shop managers can draw on the expertise of sales trainers, and every year employees are also invited to a number of courses and conferences arranged by Matas and our suppliers.

We want Matas to continue attracting, retaining and developing dedicated employees qualified to provide specialised service. Consequently, we work with competency plans for each employee at the head office as well as for each shop in the chain.

At Matas, employees are the ones who pass on their knowledge to give customers the best advice from specialists in the trade. We regularly update this knowledge through continuing training programmes in the beauty and health fields. To a great extent, the Group trains its own managers, which is why we offer our drugstore staff a management training programme spanning at least five levels. Management training helps develop the competencies of our shop managers, substitutes and young talents. Competencies are essential to our employees’ personal and professional development as well as play a crucial role in carrying out strategic tasks and projects necessary for the Group’s continuing success.