Energy savings

In 2009 Matas introduced energy-saving regulations for its headquarters and all Matas shops. For example, at closing time shops must switch off façade and window lighting and light signs. In just a few years’ time these measures have reduced energy consumption by 3.2 kWh. A joint daily effort has enabled us to achieve outstanding results.

Continuing focus on the climate

Matas continues to focus on reducing energy consumption. To this end, in spring 2014 Matas replaced over 10,000 halogen spots with energy-saving LED spots in its shops. This replacement is expected to yield a reduction of over 850,000 kWh, which corresponds to over 285 tonnes of CO2.

Not wanting to stop there, Matas is additionally in dialogue with hauliers and manufacturers of our own products.

Climate-friendly offer

Matas wants to give its customers offers that respect the climate, the environment and health. This is why we offer a wide variety of Swan-labelled products in various categories. See all our Swan-labelled products here.

Matas recommends that customers use reusable shopping bags as an alternative to disposable plastic bags that impact the environment. Matas customers can thus buy these bags, which not only protect the environment, but also support the Matas Environment Foundation and thus greener playgrounds for children. See the Matas Environment Found here.

Matas is the only retail chain that offers customers a container in which to return their empty packaging – the only requirement is that the item must have been bought at Matas. Read more about the Matas Return System here.