Environmental aspects

Matas is extremely active in its efforts to protect the environment, and devotes substantial resources to this field. Matas is for example the only Danish retail chain which, on its own initiative, collects and recycles containers from all products purchased at the chain's shops. The Matas Environment Fund has also established a considerable number of green playgrounds at day-care institutions in Denmark.

Matas constantly strives to improve its own products in the light of the very latest knowledge of the effect of substances on health and the environment – with the result that these products are always at the leading edge in terms of health, the environment and quality.

The Matas chain is still the largest retailer of eco-labelled personal care products. The Swan is the official Nordic eco-label, and is awarded only to products which are gentle towards health and the environment. Matas has approx. 100 own products with the Swan eco-label.

Focus on the Climate

Matas draws the attention to three climate advice. Read more about the three climate advice in the pamphlet. Further information about Matas system for Return of Packaging, Matas Environmental Fund and products certified with the environmental label: The Swan, can be found on the following pages, by choosing the menu to the left.

See film on Matas's environmental activities (in Danish)