Danish Ministry of the Environment

- Environmental Protection Agency

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Matas have entered into co-operation to ensure that the consumer gets information and good advice on skin allergies. Experts estimate that around 2-4 % of the population is allergic to perfumes and 5 % of those who dye their hair have experienced symptoms similar to skin allergy. Matas has taken a number of initiatives which give the consumer a possibility to choose products that are especially gentle to the skin.

  • Matas offers Denmark’s widest range of completely perfume-free cosmetic products.

  • Matas's own products don’t contain the 26 most allergenic fragrances.

  • Matas offers Denmark's widest range of Swan eco-labelled products for personal care.

The Danish Environment Protection Agency has produced a folder about skin allergies which provides good advice on the use of perfumes, hair dyes and henna tattoos. The folder is available at all Matas shops as long as stocks last.