Quality assurance of the Stribes products by Eurofins Steins Laboratory

‘Ongoing bacteriological control by Steins Laboratory’ is the text on all Matas’ own brand products within the care and beauty category. What does this mean ? Please see below.

For a period of more than 50 years, Matas has cooperated with Eurofins Steins Laboratory to ensure an ongoing control of all Matas’ own brand products in the Beauty category, including the Stribes products.

The process provides extra safety and security for Matas as well as the consumers. Steins is responsible for controlling that no bacteria or moulds exist in the products.

Very rarely problems

All products are controlled by Eurofins Steins Laboratory once a year. This is not just done as a random test among some of the Stribes products, but performed on all of Matas’ own brand beauty products (approx. 350) in each variant, (but not different sizes).

All products are undergoing a thorough bacteriological control, to determine, if there should be any bacteria or moulds in the products. Luckily we have very rarely experienced problems with products from Matas.

Eurofins Steins Laboratorium is a part of the laboratory group Eurofins, with laboratories in six Danish locations. Eurofins Steins Laboratory performs control and analysis of many different types of products.