Health factors

At Matas, we aim to help our customers feel good, look good and be in good humour.

It is thus quite natural that Matas continually replaces any unwanted substances in the chain's own products (the ‘striped’ products, and others) with other substances that are gentler on the environment and health. We do this on an ongoing basis, as international research reveals new information about the health effects of various substances. Matas does not just wait until a substance which may be harmful to health is banned – we phase it out as soon as we can, without compromising on product quality.

Matas has Denmark's largest selection of perfume-free products, and we select the ingredients in our own perfumed products with great care in order to minimise the allergic risk. Similarly, we use only those preservatives which are absolutely necessary, and which are the mildest available, according to the scientific knowledge we currently possess.

The Swan eco-label

The Nordic Swan Eco-label is awarded only to products that are especially gentle towards the environment and health.

Matas has more than 100 Swan-labelled own products, which makes Matas the Danish retail chain which offers most eco-labelled own products. Our goal is to offer at least one officially eco-labelled variant within each product category in the shops.