Matas has resolved to earn money responsibly. For this reason, we embed our social responsibility at the executive level and in our core values work of being a trustworthy and responsible company. At Matas we want to live up to our mission to “help our customers feel good, look good and be in a good mood – at prices they can afford.” The state of the environment as well as consumers’ and employees’ needs naturally figure in the decisions we make and priorities we set.

For several years, Matas has worked proactively in the areas of health and the environment. We have done this work in dialogue and partnership with leading experts, consumer organisations and patient associations possessing special skills in the area. Matas wants to continue working to protect the environment and actively contribute to greater disease prevention in Denmark.

We at Matas find it important to be a good, attractive workplace that focuses on employees’ competencies and development. We want Matas to continue attracting, retaining and developing dedicated employees qualified to provide specialised service. Following the motto “good advice makes a difference”, the professional, qualified advice given at our shops plays a major role in ensuring that customers continue to enjoy a good experience at Matas.

Well-being in the workplace is reflected in customer service. Matas strives to have an inclusive work culture, because this promotes a good working climate in our shops and at our headquarters.

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