The Danish Heart Foundation

About the cooperation
Matas have been cooperating with the Danish Heart Foundation since 2007. The cooperation between the Danish Heart Foundation and Matas is based on a common fundamental view of healthy living and the desire to provide help where it is most needed. Matas has elected to support research into a hitherto neglected but extremely important problem faced by women: women's cardiovascular disease.

Since 2007 Matas has contributed a total of DKK 21.6 million to the Danish Heart Foundation.

Matas does its part by bringing cardiovascular disease in women into focus. We carry the message in Matas’ special offers advertising, our shops and on the internet. All the chain’s shops sell heart bracelets during campaign periods, and all the proceeds are donated to research. Via support campaigns run during the year, Matas’ Plaisir skin care line also supports the heart association’s vital research into women’s cardiovascular disease.

We also join forces with the heart association to conduct local activities. For example, we have offered customers an opportunity to check their blood pressure at their local Matas shop and to get good advice about healthy living. The Danish heart Foundation estimates that 250,000 Danes are unaware that they have high blood pressure, which constitutes a serious risk factor.

Since we started the initiative, about 40,000 customers have had their blood pressure checked.