The Matas Return System

The Matas Return System is a nationwide recycling scheme started in 1995, when on our own initiative we began collecting empty packaging from all products sold in Matas shops. We have put out recycling containers for returning plastic and glass at all our shops.

Matas does not give a deposit for the packaging. We feel making an active effort to improve the environment should be voluntary. So at Matas you can make a difference. Matas is the only retail shop in Denmark that offers customers this opportunity.

Matas ensures that the returned packaging is delivered for recycling – as an alternative to incineration and disposal. Returned plastic is recycled into new plastic packaging as well as carpet tubing and traffic cones.

In 2018 our shops received more than 20 tonnes of plastic packaging from consumers. We also recycle the plastic and cardboard used to transport goods to Matas shops. In 2018 this added up to 37 tonnes of plastic used for transport and 474 tonnes of cardboard in 2018.