The National Association LEV

Project KLAP

In cooperation with the National Association LEV and project KLAP, Matas offers employment as service assistant to people with learning disabilities. The employment is offered in some of the Matas Stores.

The purpose of this offer is to give the disabled an alternative to e.g. working in a sheltered workshop. With this kind of job in Matas, the employees experience a normal every day working life, in close contact with other people and also an opportunity to improve their quality of life.

In return, Matas get some loyal, dedicated and stable employees, who contribute to the strengthening of the working environment in the store.

The tasks in Matas

The tasks may vary, but are typical things which it is difficult to find the time to handle, in a busy working environment.

E.g. aligning products on the shelves, tidying in front of and behind the store, errand at the Post Office, assist in refilling the cosmetics display etc.

Before actual employment, the service assistant completes an internship.

During this period, both parties determine which tasks can be carried out by the service assistant, and whether the service assistant fits into the team.

So far approx. 35 service assistants are employed in Matas stores throughout the country.

The project KLAP is a project of the National Association LEV. The aim is to show that people with learning disabilities represents a resource to the ordinary work force.

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The Danish KLAP translate into: Creative Long-Term Work Plan

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