Organization of Matas

​​​​​​​Beauty and wellbeing for life

Matas is one of Denmark’s most recognised and most reputable brands. Originally owned by a network of independent materialists, Matas dates back to 1949. Today, Matas is a listed company with more than 2,500 employees, the majority of whom work in one of the Group’s 263 Matas stores.

Matas generates annual revenue of more than DKK 3.5 billion from sales of beauty, health and wellbeing products. Almost 20% of revenue is generated by the Group’s private labels, including the iconic Matas Stripes products, the organic Matas Natur range, luxury skincare from Plaisir and the natural makeup brand Nilens Jord.

Most of the Group's customers still prefer to shop at physical stores, of which a large number have undergone significant renovation under the Matas Life concept since the beginning of 2019. At the same time as the physical stores are being renovated and renewed, sales via and the Group’s other webshops are recording strong growth as customers increasingly choose to do part of their shopping online. Against this background, the Group is continuously developing new offers for its online customers, such as the successful Matas Skin Consultation and Matas Subscription features.

Matas also operates one of Denmark’s largest loyalty clubs, Club Matas, with a membership of 1.6 million. In addition, Matas has some 280,000 followers on Facebook and 100,000 followers on Instagram.

In 2018, Firtal Group, which owns and operates nine niche webshops, including and, was incorporated into the Matas Group, and in May 2019, Matas acquired Kosmolet A/S, the owner of Nilens Jord, the largest Danish makeup brand.

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